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Solar Potential

South City 2 has a very good solar potential of about 1400 kWh (units) per year for each KW of solar panel for 25 years. The solar generation peaks in Summers while goes down in Winters and Monsoons


In South City 2, the solar panels can generate enough electricity to recover the cost of power plant within 4 -5 years while the owner enjoys FREE solar energy for next 25 years.

Area Required

In South City 2 , around 10 sq yards of shadow free roof area can have 1 KW of solar panels installed. So a 100 sq yards plot can have about 5 KW of solar panels assuming roof size of 50% of the plot area. Like wise, 10 KW solar panels can be installed on a 200 sq yard plot , 15 KW solar panels in a 300 sq yard plot, a 20 KW solar system in a 400 sq yard and 25 KW in 500 sq yard.

Sizes of solar systems

Already a number of houses and buildings have opted for solar system in South City 2 and near by areas. Generally the houses and commerical buildings have solar systems of sizes varying from 1 KW, 2 KW, 3 KW, 5 KW, 10 KW, 15 KW and upto 25 KW at South City 2

Subsidy / Incentives

MNRE subsidy is also available for any new solar system in the buldings located at South City 2. Haryana government also provides incentives of Rs 0.50 per kWH on the solar electricity produced from solar systems

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