Electrical (HT/LT) installations at Factories

SRSS specializes in designing and installing different electrical equipment for factories, commercial buildings and offices. Our services include the following.

Electrical and Safety Audits of the System

SRSS specializes in carrying out the audits of the electrical system already installed and commissioned at factories and buildings.
Over time, many issues and problems start to crop in the efficient management of the electrical system. They not only lead to electrical losses but can also lead to severe fire and safety hazard.
It will include.

  1. Overloading of Panels due to addition on new Machines in the system leading to Humming Noises, Burning Plastic Smell, change in Color of Bus bars etc.
  2. Tripping of Circuit Breakers which may lead of smoking and fire hazard.
  3. Damage to the equipment due to Storm or Lightning Damage, Electrical Power Surges etc.
  4. Mixing of Cables of different sizes and capacities which can potentially lead to significant losses in the electrical system.

Design and Installation of Transformers

SRSS team has experience of installing many outdoor and indoor transformers for the factories as part of complete electrical installation. SRSS team has designed and implemented sub stations and thus the transformers of the sizes up to EHT (132 and 220 KV).

Design, Supply and Installation of LT and HT distribution Panels

SRSS has designed and installed LT and HT panels for many new/old buildings. While designing the LT and HT panels, SRSS take specific care to provide enough space in the distribution boxes to meet the requirement of any future expansion in terms of new machines to be added in the building.
SRSS uses the components (Bus bars, Circuit Breakers, Surge protection devices, etc) from the renowned suppliers like Schneider, ABB, Siemens, L&T etc in its panels.

Turn Key Implementation of Electrical system for New Buildings and Existing Buildings undergoing expansion

SRSS has undertaken turn key jobs for the new connections in which SRSS deigns the complete electrical layout for the buildings. Subsequently, SRSS supplies, installs and commissions the electrical system consisting of transformers, electrical distribution boards (LT/HT panels), Circuit Breakers, Junction Boxes etc as per the design requirement. SRSS simulates the complete electrical system in the advanced software applications and provides the most optimal cabling layout for minimum losses in the system. We use the best in class cable management system while optimizing the routing of cables in the factories.
SRSS provides electrical solutions for the existing factories and buildings that need to expand or upgrade its electrical system owing to the expansion of business and additions of new loads and machines.

Design, Supply and Installation of Power Factor Controllers

Poor Power factor (PF) increases reactive power in the system. As Discom raises electricity bills based on KVAH reading, the reduction in Active Power (KWH) leads to significant losses and increase in the cost of electricity for the Factories. SRSS has designed, supplied and installed Automatic Power Factor Control Panels for many buildings both connected at low voltage and high voltages.

Motor Control Panels

SRSS designs and installs the customized electric panels specific to the requirement of high-end power guzzling machines. The Breakers and Switches are specifically recommended based on the characteristic of the electricity usage pattern of a Machine.
SRSS provides complete cabling layout for the connection of a specific motor control panels with the existing main LT/HT panels.

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