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The results of an analysis have been reported of generation for 2014 from solar power projects installed under the two Batches of Phase I of the National Solar Mission. The average net exported power under Batch 1 projects in the Northern States of Haryana, Punjab, UP and Uttarakhand ranged from 101-127 kWh/kW and was higher at 152 kWh/kW for Rajasthan. In most States generation was higher for crystalline technology compared to thin film technology. Under Batch 2, projects have come up only in Rajasthan in the Northern Region and the generation is slightly higher for thin film projects at 158 kWh/kW compared with 152 kWh/kW for crystalline technology projects.

It has been observed that generation was higher in the months of March-June when demand is high, with the highest touching 170 kWh/kW in the month of April in Rajasthan, and lower in the months of November-February when demand is also lower, with lowest of 86 kWh/kW average for the month of December.

Pradeep Prakash Singhal

Pradeep Prakash is a solar enthusiast/ solar professional by heart. He has been involved in setting up distributed solar at more than 100 sites across India