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"Yes, I have installed an optimised Solar PV Rooftop System that will generate maximum electricity for me". Are you sure before saying that? Do you have confidence on your installer and his installation?

Our team met with many customers in Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh who were willing to install Solar PV Rooftop System at their premises and were in the stage of negotiation with various installers.

Further we will discuss our experiences on what these customers were looking at, before finalising their deal with a particular installer and what all parameters actually should be checked before finalising an installer.

90% of customers we met were comparing various installers on the basis of:


Location of vendor

Brands of panels and inverters


These parameters play a crucial role in the quality of Solar PV Rooftop installation, but not alone. Along with these, there are many other parameters that should be compared or considered before finalising the installer and to confidently say that "Yes, I Have Installed an Optimised Solar PV Rooftop System at My Premises". These are as follow:


In our further blogs we will be talking on these parameters in details. Please stay tuned and keep coming back at our site

Pradeep Prakash Singhal

Pradeep Prakash is a solar enthusiast/ solar professional by heart. He has been involved in setting up distributed solar at more than 100 sites across India